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Panopto - Getting started in the library: Basics

Record, upload, and share your class project videos using Panopto


Log into Panopto

Create a new video

After you log into Panopto, you will see a Create button.

If you have already recorded your video, choose "Upload media."

If you will be recording your video using Panopto you can choose "Record a new session" or "Panopto Capture"

The Create button on Panopto produces a menu of options to upload, record, or cast your video

Share your video

Once the video is uploaded, you can choose "Share" from the main listing under the title of your video.

Screen shot of the location of the share button. The share button is listed under the video title on the main Panopto page

You can then specify who has access. Here are popular options:

  • You can specify specific people such as classmates or an instructor
  • You can share a link which requires a login (“Anyone at your organization with the link”)
  • You can share a link which does not require a login (“Anyone with the link”)

Screen shot showing the options for sharing your video. Specific people, anyone at St. Thomas, anyone with the link, or public on the web