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MGMT 200 L06: Working Skillfully in Organizations: Library Resources

This guide provides company and industry resources for the course, MGMT 200 L06: Working Skillfully in Organizations

This is a Google free zone!

It's easy to assume that company information you find on the web with Google is valid because there is so much out there, and much of it looks professional.  However, that is simply not the case.  Results from Google are not judged on authorship, accuracy, or bias; factors that are crucial when evaluating a company.  

UST business databases contain articles, reports, and financial statements, from trusted, objective sources with author and publisher dates front and center.  These are the same tools people in the field use to make decisions because smart decisions are based on reliable information.  

Library Resources for Company and Industry Information

Publicly Traded Companies

Privately Held Companies

Library Resources for Business News

These resources are your best bet for the most current news on your chosen topic or company

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