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Library resources for when you need a distraction: Books

Need a break from studying or the news? The library has a lot of resources available to you if you just need a bit of a distraction

Find Books at the Library

The main focus of our collection isn't popular books, but we do keep a small leisure reading collection and do have many popular titles.  You can browse our leisure books on the main floor of the O'Shaughnessy-Frey library. 

We also have classic works of fiction and poetry.  You can search LibrarySearch below for any title you're interested in to see if we have and where it is.  Simply type in the title that you're looking for.

We have both ebooks and physical books


Library Staff book recommendations

person laying on a red blanket in the shade of a tree in the grass reading a blue bookLooking for more book recommendations? Our staff have been putting together recommended reading lists every summer for more than a decade.  Take a look at our recommended titles and why we loved them!

University Library Staff Summer Reading Recommendations

Books on specific topics

Stress Management & Relaxation

Need some help with stress management and relaxation? We have books about that.

Food and cooking

Do you relax through cooking? (It's ok if you don't!). Scroll through our cookbooks and find a new recipe to try out...  


Learn about the history of crafts and new techniques


It may not be the best weather for gardening right now, but sometimes just reading about it and seeing pictures of gardens can help you cultivate peace.


Do you love going to an art museum and looking at art work?  We can't get you to a museum, but we do have a lot of art books from museums for you to browse and enjoy.

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All icons are from the noun project - relax by Joyce Lau; Garden by Gan Khoon Lay; cooking by BomSymbols; Craft by priyanka; Art by Justicon.