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International Family Law

About This Guide

As mobility increases and globalism is becoming
the norm, it is
increasingly common for citizens of one
country to marry and form
families with citizens of
another.  In many cases, questions of religion, custom
and culture come into play when people of different
nations try to form families.  All of the
issues of family law:
the formation of
families; marriage; divorce; the birth,
adoption, support and custody of children;family violence;
and women's rights have
become global in scope. 

This guide is for the researcher in international family law. It is divided into two sections.  The Getting Started, Finding Books and Finding Articles tabs offer sources of background information, links to the library catalog, to article databases and to encyclopedias. 

The other tabs contain citations to books and articles on the various aspects of international family law.  Looking at these citations might help you to locate a paper topic.