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Information & Research Literacy at UST: Framework 3: Information Has Value

framework 3 in context

Information has Value

Information possesses several dimensions of value, including as means of commodity, education, influence, and of negotiating and understanding the world. The flow of information through systems of production and dissemination is affected by legal, sociopolitical, and economic interests.

Consider ethical use of information
Give credit to original ideas
Avoid plagiarism
Be aware of copyright infringement/material license 

Learning Outcomes (Using information responsibly)

  • Identify publication practices and their related implications for how information is accessed and valued
  • Recognize that intellectual property is a legal concept that is socially constructed according to different professions or other communities
  • Give credit to the original ideas of others through attribution and/or formal conventions
  • Manage personal and academic information online with an understanding of the commodification of that information