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Information & Research Literacy at UST: Framework 2: Information Creation as a Process

framework 2 in context

Information Creation as Process

Information can be encountered in different formats which has an impact on how it is used and shared. This frame refers to looking at the underlying processes of creation and the final product to critically evaluate the usefulness of the information.


Recognize characteristics of information resources
Understand how and for whom information is created

Consider information format and perception

Assess fit between information product’s creation process and particular information needs

Learning Outcomes (Formats of Information)

  • Distinguish between format and method of access, understanding that these are separate entities
  • Articulate the capabilities and constraints of various processes of information creation
  • Recognize that similar content may be presented in different formats, which may affect interpretation of the content
  • Select a source that best meets an information need based on the audience, context, and purpose of various formats