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Library & Information Literacy @ UST: Info for Faculty

A revised guide as of July 2018


This Guide is intended for UST faculty who would like to know more about library instruction and Information Literacy at St. Thomas. The Guide contains information on how to incorporate these into courses.  Additional information and links are likely be added routinely. 


Library Instruction & Information Literacy @ UST

While the University of St. Thomas doesn't have a formal curriculum for information literacy, our library instruction program aims to promote a learning environment that supports the curriculum and in so doing, helps develop creative and critical thinkers. By collaborating with Subject Librarians on designing assignments and incorporating information literacy principles into specific courses, we encourage students to become independent thinkers who are capable of analyzing, evaluating and creating information with expertise and flexibility that leads to life-long learning.

Library Instruction sessions are designed to teach students increasingly sophisticated research strategies throughout their academic pursuits and to produce graduates who are adept at articulating their information needs, finding the resources to meet them, and using that data ethically to create new knowledge.

This GUIDE also aims at helping you better understand ACRL's Information Literacy Framework for Higher Education. It invites faculty to consider ways to involve librarians in your courses. The Guide provides Frame-by-Frame description as well as ideas for instruction activities and learning outcomes. Rather than being prescriptive, the Framework offer flexibility that we hope you will take advantage of in the courses you teach.

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