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HIST 353 History of the American Revolution: Find Primary Sources

Good places to find references to Primary Sources

Reference sources may contain citations to repositories of papers or other primary material. The American National Biography and the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography are good examples of such sources.

Bibliographies in scholarly books often arrange sources consulted by type. The language may vary but the arrangement is clear - primary and secondary, published and unpublished, manuscripts, letters, papers, archives, etc.

Footnotes in books and journal articles may refer to contemporary publications or other primary materials.

Find Primary Sources in Books

Search the LibrarySearch to find primary sources in books and ebooks.   Using keywords like the ones listed below in your searches will help single out the primary source materials:

documentary history
literary collections
personal narratives
songs and music

Find Period Books and Magazine Articles

Papers of Panton, Leslie and Co.

Selected Primary Source Collections on the Web

Adams Family Papers
An electronic archive of the Adams Family Papers at the Massachusetts Historical Society

George Washington Papers
An electronic archive of the George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress.

Founders Online
Over 149,000 searchable documents, fully annotated, from the authoritative Founding Fathers Papers projects

Early American Manuscripts Project
From the collections of the New York Public Library