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HIST 114 Modern US (Ceric)

Resources for HIST 114 Modern United States in Global Perspective taught by Meliha Ceric.

Finding Encyclopedia Article

When searching for background information on an unfamiliar topic, students often turn to resources like Google or Wikipedia.  While these sources can be useful for factual information (dates, how to spell a name correctly), they can be less reliable for finding accurate information and scholarly analysis of a historical topic.

The UST Libraries provide access to numerous background resources -- dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, and companions -- which can provide you an overview of a historical topic.  These works range from the very general ( Ex. The Oxford Companion to American History) to very specific (ex. Immigrants in American History ). These works are more reliable that what you might find on the free web because their entries are written by  experts in that topic.

For your assignment, you are required to find and use an encyclopedia article on the Korean War as it relates to the Cold War.  Use the following resource to find the article:



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