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Researching for Your Quals: Getting Started

How to find the background information on your philosophy of psychological practice, practice outcomes, and related theories. Let me know if you'd like more information.


Welcome to the Researching for Your Quals subject guide.

Remember you can always call me or set up an appointment with me to help you plan a research strategy, find a great resource, or just talk through your philosophy.

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British Medical Journal's How to Read Papers

Research Plan for Quals

You'll probably be tempted to go to PsycINFO first and type in the psychotherapeutic theories that interest you.

A reasonable plan, but if you've tried that, you probably noticed that you've found hundreds of articles and don't know where to start.

Instead, you might want to find a good literature review, meta-analysis, or systemic review that will lead you to both the seminal and the most cutting  edge articles.

Then, with several questions about the therapeutic theories in mind, start searching PsycINFO (and other databases).

Peer Review Process

Subject Guide

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