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Ebooks: Introduction to library ebooks

Ebooks at UST

Did you know that you can access library books electronically?

You are searching for books in Click Search and you come across records with the link "online access."

This means that the book you are looking at is available electronically.

 In everyday life, electronic content for mobile devices and laptops is easily available for purchase and download.  In the academic world however, downloading electronic content can be more complicated, but reading it on your device is easy.  If you want to read something on your screen, it's just like a .pdf!

The UST libraries provide access to a wide variety of electronic resources and materials ranging from scholarly sources to leisure reading.  

There are multiple methods to access library content, depending on whether you want to download materials onto a device, or if you want to read off of the screen.  Which method is best?  It depends on what you would like to do.  

Here is a breakdown of pro's (+) and con's (-) for both methods.


Unless you want to take the ebook with you where you don't have any internet, it's usually advisable that you simply read on the screen. If you create an account and add the book to your folder or bookshelf, you can return to it quickly, take notes on it, bookmark certain pages. All of that is possible without downloading the ebook.