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EDLD 621 & 904– Research Design and Analysis: Handbooks on Qualitative Research Topics

How to use the library resources to develop a literature review to support your qualitative study.

Finding Information about Qualitaitve Research Methods

 Sage Research qualitative research methods map

Guidance for Your Research

UST has lots of books to guide you through your research process and answer your questions:

What makes a good interview question?

What is grounded theory exactly?

When is it best to use snowball sampling?

How can you entice folks to engage themselves with you?

How should you compensate participants?

What are good ethical practices?

  Books on Qualitative Research

book cover for intro to qualitative research synthesis

Major, Claire Howell. (2010). An introduction to qualitative research synthesis: Managing the information explosion in social science research. New York: Routledge.

Books on Interview Methods

Books on Ethnographic Methods

Atkinson, Paul (1992). Understanding ethnographic texts. Newbury Park, CA: Sage
from the publisher's website: "...the first "how to" book of its kind. He provides basic, yet significant, lessons for ethnographers going about the business of writing up their findings".