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Financial Management, FINC 600 : Industry & Company Research

Industry Overviews

Use these resources to find overviews of larger industries.  Remember that the only available industry profiles will be those for large industries; for details on a smaller industry, read the profiles of related industries and do a detailed article search on the players and companies you find.

Company Ratios and Company Profiles

Use these resources to find company information including: company overviews/profiles, financials, and news.

Top resources for analyst and stock reports

The best stock reports are those that contain original, signed narrative analysis and quantitative predictions to go along with the historical financial information. 

UST has two main resources for this content, Standard & Poor's and ValueLine, and a third resource for slightly outdated primary analysis, OneSource Global Business Browser. Note that a company will list the many of the analysts that cover them on its website.

eStatement Studies

In eStatement Studies you'll find Financial Ratio Benchmark (FRB) figures, broken down by US Region and revenue quartile, for a very large number of industries.