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FINC 701: Corporate Finance: Company Analysis & Ratios

This guide is designed to support the learning objectives of FINC 701: Corporate Finance. Use it to research companies (including past & present financial data), industries, and market conditions.

What's EDGAR?

EDGAR is the Securities & Exchange Commission's (SEC) public website for finding and retrieving required periodic company information filings.

Sources for Holdings Data

Researchers are often interested in knowing what proportion of a company's stock is held by insiders, large investors, and institutions. Here are some good sources for current information.

Resources for Company Information & Financial Data

The resources found here provide a mix of financial data, company information (including up-to-date news), and industry overviews.    

Industry Ratios: eStatement Studies

In eStatement Studies you'll find Financial Ratio Benchmark (FRB) figures, broken down by US Region and revenue quartile, for a very large number of industries. 

Look here for smaller and specialized industries, like Adhesive Manufacturing or Automobile Driving Schools.