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The Council of Trent was the council of the Roman Catholic Church that met between 1545 and 1563 at Trent in S Tyrol. Reacting against the Protestants, it reaffirmed traditional Catholic beliefs and formulated the ideals of the Catholic Reformation.


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The 19th Ecumenical Council of the Church was summoned for the purposes of 1) reforming the Church, and 2) combating protestantism. 

Its main object was the definitive determination of the doctrines of the Church in answer to the heresies of the Protestants; a further object was the execution of a thorough reform of the inner life of the Church by removing the numerous abuses that had developed in it.

The Council of Trent helped to bring much-needed reform to the Catholic Church. It also refined the Church’s structure and marshalled its forces for the years ahead.

The Council of Trent defined what the Church would be for four centuries. Not until Vatican II, in the 1960s, did a major reexamination take place.

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The Council of Trent consisted of 25 sessions between 1545 and 1563.  The council was convened in response to the Protestant Reformation, and codified many of the priciples that would guide the Church for the next 400 years.

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A history of the Council of Trent by Jedin

Diaries, Letters, and Reports

Council of Trent discussing Justification

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