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THEO 373 - Person & Mission of Jesus: Scripture

This course explores New Testament understandings of some of the titles of Jesus, such as Christ, Lord, and Savior, and investigates the development of Christological doctrine in the early centuries of Christianity.

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Christological Titles in the New Testament

Names found in the Old Testament

Title Meaning/Significance of names Bible reference 

Immanuel God with us Isaiah 7:14
Prince of Peace Jesus will bring everlasting peace Isaiah 9:6
Wonderful Advisor Jesus will always rule with honesty and justice Isaiah 9:6
Mighty God Jesus is supreme Isaiah 9:6
Eternal Father Jesus is eternal

Isaiah 9:6


Names found in the New Testament

Title Meaning/Significance of names Bible reference

Son of God The special relationship of Jesus to God Mark 1:1
Son of Man The human identity of Jesus Matthew 8:20

Son of David

Jesus is descendant of King David Matthew 15:22


Jesus revealed God John 1:1

Lamb of God

Jesus is the sacrifice for world’s sin John 1:29


The Greek for ‘Anointed One’ Matthew 16:16


The one who saves John 4:14
Rabbi/Teacher Jesus taught people about God

John 1:38, Mark


Author of life One who gives life Acts 3:15

Alpha and Omega


The first and last letters of the Greek alphabets, 

meaning that Jesus is the beginning and the end

Revelation 1:8

Lion of Judah A title of the Messiah Revelation 5:5

King of Kings/Lord of Lords

The ruler of all people Revelation 19:16
Bright Morning Star The one who gives light Revelation 22:16
Word of God Jesus is the voice of God Revelation 19:13
Holy and Righteous Attributes of Jesus

Acts 3:14

Head of the Church The leader of all Christians

Ephesians 5:23


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