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THEO 373 - Person & Mission of Jesus: Theotokos

This course explores New Testament understandings of some of the titles of Jesus, such as Christ, Lord, and Savior, and investigates the development of Christological doctrine in the early centuries of Christianity.


Theotokos (Θεοτόκος) lit. "one who bears the One who is God"; a common title in Eastern Christianity with Christological implications; adopted officially during Council of Ephesus (431) in response to Nestorianism, which questioned the Church's teaching that Jesus Christ's nature was unified.

Orthodox Teachings

Entry of the Theotokos into the Temple

The Life and Feasts of the Theotokos

Feast Days of the Theotokos

Subject Guide

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Credit where credit is due

This Theotokos page is adapted from one by David Cassens, director of the Pius XII Library at St. Louis University, whose Eastern Orthodoxy LibGuide is used as a template here, as it has been for LibGuides at other institutions.  Our thanks to David for his permission to use his inspiring work.