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HRDO561 Adult Learning & Development in the Workplace: Home

Helpful techniques and concepts to find great articles, books, and videos that will inform your research and thinking about adult learning


Open House at the Royal Ballet Theatre in London

Come one, come all to our Library.

Merrie's Blog



Where should you start your research? What resources does the library have? What resources are out there in the world? Who should you contact to get more assistance with your research? Get your answers here.

Feel free to suggest other resources, make comments on the ones here, ask questions that you'd like answered! The library is here for you.

Research Strategies

These short (<5 minute) videos are published by the University of Massachusettes at Amherst. The concepts work for UST, but specific details (how to navigate on the website) will differ. These videos have soundtracks. Captioning is available--just click the CC button at the bottom of the viewer.

Subject Guide

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