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Theories of Counseling Personality: Tests & Measures

Fantastic (and fun!) resources provided by your library!

Find Tests in Print

Find published, commercial tests in print. Generally, you must purchase these, unless your professor or department has access to them.

Tests in Print

Find Reviews of Tests

Search Mental Measurement Yearbook to find reviews of published, commercial tests. Includes publisher information, validity and reliability reviews, and cost information. Sometimes information is outdated, especially pricing. Make sure you check the date of the review.

Mental Measurements Yearbook

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Do you need a test of anxiety? An intelligence inventory for Spanish-speaking children? A questionnaire to determine the degree of economic hardship families face?

Do you want to know if the test, inventory or questionnaire is valid or reliable? Then PsycTESTS is for you!

APA, the folks who bring you PsycINFO, has collected the tests, measurements, inventories, and questionnaires that have been developed, reviewed, and used in almost all of the articles that they index. Yes, you can get them in full text, linked to the articles they appear in!

 It’s a cornucopia of testing delight.

Try out PsycTESTS!

Afterwards, take our poll to let me know how much you liked it.

Search for Tests

Ethical Use of Tests


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