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CPSY700 - Introduction to Doctoral Studies in Counseling Psychology: Finding Journals

Guide to library (and other) resources for your research needs.

Journals in our LIbrary

Look for journals in our library from our homepage. 

After clicking on FIND, look for the dates you want for the journal article you need.If there are too many results, click on the "Journals Only" tab at the top of the page.


Can't find an article?

Types of Open Access materials:

Whole journals are Open Access, meaning you can get articles online from anywhere in the world, right now, for free!


In some journals, only some articles are Open Access. Below, the yellow highligted article is free to everyone in the world. The blue highlighted article is only available to subscribers or those associated with subscribing libraries.


Searching for Open Access Journals

Looking for a journal or article we don't have? It might be free online. Here's how to find one.

Search Google!

Hints for searching:

Put title of journal in quotes

If the title doesn't include the word "journal" in its title, add it to your search.