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CPSY700 - Introduction to Doctoral Studies in Counseling Psychology: Finding Related Articles

Guide to library (and other) resources for your research needs.

Cited by Articles

You’re probably used to looking at the references in a paper and finding the articles that the author read to help them analyze their data and interpret their results. This is great for finding seminal articles, but they just get older and older. You want to know what’s happening now!

How about finding out who read the article you have in your hand to understand their own data? That would mean you’d be moving into the future!

Most databases now let you click on a link and see who cited it. Here’s what that looks like in Ebsco databases, like Criminal Justice Full Text, Academic Source Premier, ERIC, or SocINDEX. The link to these articles will be in a slightly different place in other databases, like PsycINFO.


Finding Related Articles

Some databases give your recommendations for related articles after you've found a gem.

For an artilce on how a gesture-based language changes how we understand language in general, PubMed suggests these related articles:
citations from PubMed: Gesture's role in creating and learning language, etc.

  You Can Play for Days =P

However, there are a few problems.

The major problem is that you can really play for days in here, wandering around a winding road, leading off into lands of great interest that can distract you from your major focus. It might help to keep your topic statement somewhere nearby for those days when you absolutely have to get your work done and have no time for those more enticing bits of research play.

Good luck. Have fun. And contact me if you'd like some help or more information!