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CPSY700 - Introduction to Doctoral Studies in Counseling Psychology: Finding Films

Guide to library (and other) resources for your research needs.

Use My Video Library link to return to the UST video list

Counseling & Therapy in Video

Searching for Films

Search for Films in Summon -- our general search for most everything in the lbrary.

Search for the topic or therapist you like.

When you get the results, filter by "content type." You'll have to click on the More below content type to find Video

Then click Apply at the top of the list:


Some may be "AVAIL ONLINE" and some may be DVDs in our collection at St Paul (You can have those sent over to Keffer).

Films on Demand

Films on Demand has streaming films on various aspects of psychology.

Click on some of them below and watch to your hearts content.

Streaming Video from PBS

Online videos on mental illness