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CPSY700 - Introduction to Doctoral Studies in Counseling Psychology: Background Info

Guide to library (and other) resources for your research needs.

Using Reference Materials to Find Research Questions

Wandering through encyclopedias, handouts, and the fantastic Annual Reviews can lead you to fantastic questions. Generally the last paragraphs offer suggestions for future research.


Articles chop up your topic into little, narrow questions. If you find 5 articles, each presenting a narrow study, it's often hard to see how they fit together and what question they are all trying to answer. But encyclopedias and handbooks

  • Give you overviews of your topic
  • Lead you to the important questions asked by researchers.
  • Contain articles written by experts in their fields.
  • Put your idea or question into a historical, research, or social context.
  • Lead you to further references.

Search Encyclopedias, Handbooks, and Dictionaries

Websites for Ideas

Featured Encyclopedia

Encyclopedias and Handbooks

Developing your Question

Guess what? We have a new database that has tons of resources to help you develop and think through your research. Anything you're interested in doing, it will help you figure out how and why. Videos, books, journal articles, and chapters to inspire you!

Annual Reviews in Clincial Psychology

Great overviews of current issues in clinical psychology (also see Annual Reviews in Psychology).