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CoJo 480: Comm Ethics: Books & Media

A library course guide for Communication Ethics


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CLICsearch Catalog

CLICsearch is the library catalog of six private colleges and universities in the Twin Cities, including Saint Thomas. Books from other campuses can be requested online and delivered to the St. Thomas library of your choice.

Find Books in Communication and Journalism

Search the CLICnet Catalog: using the box below will perform a basic keyword search.  An advanced search will let you search by keyword, title, author, subject or call number. by a combination of these fields.  Once you find a relevant book or two, look within those records for promising subject headings: click on one of them to perform a new search on that term to find more. Be sure to browse the shelves in the area where you find a promising book.

Browse the Shelves by Library of Congress Classifications: the following Library of Congress classifications may be useful when browsing at the O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library for books in Communication and Journalism: PN4699-PN5650 is journalism and the periodical press; PN1865-PN1999 covers drama, including radio and television broadcasts.

Sample search terms may include:

Journalism - objectivity
Journalism - social aspects
Journalistic ethics
Mass media - moral and ethical aspects
Mass media - objectivity
Mass media - social aspects

Online Media Resources