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HIST 374 World War II: Find Primary Sources

A guide to library resources on World War II.

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Find Primary Sources in Books

Search the library catalog CLICnet to find primary sources in books and other printed works.   When searching the catalog, you will want to use specific subject headings in your searches to single out the primary source materials.  These subject headings are specialized "tag" added to the records to books by catalog librarians to provide accurate descriptions of books.  Using the following subject headings in your search will help you find the source material you seek:

correspondence personal narratives
literary collections  pictorial works 
diary or diaries songs and music

Example:  A researcher needs to find first hand accounts soldiers and civilians experiences during World War II.  The most relevant subject heading for this search is:

 World War, 1939-1945 -- Personal narratives.

This subject heading is not the most obvious to remember.  However, a researcher can use the the recommended terms in a keyword search to get similar results.  See the example:

"World War II" and "personal narratives"

Find Period Magazine and Newspaper Articles