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Finance Resources: Analyst & Stock Reports

Look here to find industry and company profiles, ratios, financial data, and news (including stock and holdings data and analysis).

Conference Call Transcripts

Conference calls are substantive conversations between company's upper management and investment banking analysts covering topics including:

  • Earnings announcements
  • Significant events (e.g. auditor changes, restatement of financials, change in management)
  • Changes in strategic or operational direction. 

These are recorded and transcribed, and made available from various sources, including company web sites. Companies don't always keep a backfile of these on their websites, so Factiva can be a good alternative. 

Finding Historical Reports

Because analysts traditionally pull old reports as soon as they have new ones, finding historical analyst reports can be somewhat tricky.  

Here are your best options for finding some (see further directions in the main box on this page): 

  • Value Line From the Stocks portion of the Research Hub, go to "Investment Survey." Select "Historical Reports" from the left-hand menu, type in your company's ticker or name, and hit"Search" to view reports. Click here to view example. 
  • Business & Company Resource Center  Click on the "Investment Reports" tab and click through pages to go back in time. 
  • OneSource Global Business Browser  The reports featured here can sometimes be slightly out of date (often by months, not years) and can provide an excellent overview of strengths and weaknesses.

Top resources for analyst and stock reports

The best stock reports are those that contain original, signed narrative analysis and quantitative predictions to go along with the historical financial information. 

UST has two main resources for this content, Standard & Poor's and ValueLine, and a third resource for slightly outdated primary analysis, OneSource Global Business Browser. Note that a company will list the many of the analysts that cover them on its website.

Secondary resources for analyst and stock reports

Unsigned stock reports lacking original narrative analysis are common, though they do have their uses.  Some of these include future price targets, and some also issue buy/hold/sell recommendations.  These reports tend to be far less expensive, and may be purchased online for $40 or less. 

These reports are most often generated by algorithm.  The stock's performance and the company's financial performance is compared to indices and peers only numerically using software.  The reader cannot be assured that a qualified analyst has contributed to the report.

Several UST resources include these types of reports.  They can be valuable when used in combination with the authored reports from S&P and ValueLine.

Trouble connecting to Valueline?

The best/fastest way to use Valueline is to choose RESEARCH HUB.  The problem is, often the information you need doesn't show up. If you have problems connecting, go to our Troubleshooting guide.