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Finance Resources: Company Profiles & Ratios

Look here to find industry and company profiles, ratios, financial data, and news (including stock and holdings data and analysis).

  Mergent Company Ratios Procedure

Mergent Online is the preferred UST resource for finding industry ratios.  Below is the procedure for pulling them from the database.

  1. Search for a public company within the industry.  (Use the "use code lookup" to the right of the screen if you like to drill down to an industry.  There is no keyword search for industry in Mergent.)
  2. Open the profile for this company (e.g., 2111 for Altria)
  3. Select the Financials tab.
  4. Select Ratios.
  5. View and download the available information.

  Finding Company Reports in Factiva

How to find Company reports in Factiva

Company Ratios and Company Profiles

Use these resources to find ratios for US industries.  Find more direction on using these databases in the other boxeson this page.

Further Company Profile Resources

UST Libraries has many resources for company profiles.  Those represented here will give you the most detailed and up-to-date information available.  Keep in mind that nearly all company profiles are for publicly traded companies.  Private company profiles tend to be far less reliable and contain far fewer details.

What's EDGAR?

EDGAR is the Securities & Exchange Commission's (SEC) public website for finding and retrieving required periodic company information filings.

EDGAR guide to SEC filings
Guide for researching public companies, from the SEC.

Thomson Research Guide to SEC Filings
Describes various filings and information required, by section of the report.

SEC Historical Society
Search for documents and programs on the regulation of the capital market system from the 20th century to the present.

Locating Annual Reports

In addition to a company's website, here are other sources for company annual reports. Note: many companies don't file an annual report other than their 10-K, so don't be surprised if you can't find one.