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International Business Law: Evaluating & Citing

This guide presents an overview of resources for conducting international business and legal research in BLAW 615 and BLAW 303


This page offers instructions on how to cite sources within APA style using a RefWorks as a tool.

Introduction to Citing Business Resources in APA Style

Examples on this page are grouped by type of resource.  Under each type, we have identified specific database examples. Also check out the other sections of this guide.

For examples for both print and online books, and articles, see the Citing Books and Citing Articles sections of this guide. For Encyclopedia articles, see the Citing Books section. To see how to cite Web pages, go to the Citing Internet Resources section.

Included on this page, in order, are examples of citing the following resources in APA style:

  • Annual Reports
  • Census Data
  • Company Profile/Swot Analyses
  • Consumer Expenditure Surveys
  • Country Reports and Commercial Guides
  • Financial & Investment Reports
  • Industry & Commodity Codes
  • Industry Profiles
  • Market Reports/Market Share Resources
  • Ratios
  • SimplyMap
  • SRDS Online
  • Stock Reports/Information
  • Working Papers



Use RefWorks to keep track of resources you find in your research, and to create your bibliography when finished.

Learn more about Refworks and get the UST Refworks Group Code (login required).

Citing databases from this guide using RefWorks

Not all of the databases work with RefWorks in the same manner.  Some databases export records easily and directly into RefWorks and others require more steps. Click on the name of the database below to get instructions for that database.  If you have further questions please feel free to contact me.