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Blackboard: Integrating Library Resources: Add a Librarian to Your Course

How to embed library content into your Blackboard course.

Add a Librarian to Blackboard

Interested faculty can add your liaison librarian to your Blackboard site if you'd like them to add links or instructional material about library resources and services.  Contact your liaison librarian to discuss the possibilities.  Once you've agreed, you'll need to add the librarian to your site users list manually.

UsersTo do so, log into Blackboard and go to the relevant course. Next,

In the navigation area on the lower left part of the screen, look under "Control Panel," select the "Users and Groups," option, then select "Users." On the next page, hit the "Find Users to Enroll" button:

             Find Users to Enroll

In the form that opens next, enter the librarian's UST username (you can use the Browse button to open a form to find it, or take it from their email properties), change the selection in the "Role" menu to "Course Builder" or "Instructor," and then click the Submit button at the lower right:

Select Role

That's it.  The Librarian is now authorized to make changes to your Blackboard site.  For more information, documentation, and assistance, see IRT's Blackboard support site.

Liaison Librarians

For more assistance, contact your liaison librarian.