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Blackboard: Integrating Library Resources: Link to Research & Course Guides

How to embed library content into your Blackboard course.

Adding Library Subject Guides to Blackboard

Adding a Research or Course Guide to your Blackboard Course

Our reference librarians have created web pages with helpful suggestions on sources and search strategies for various topics and sources by department.  You can ask your liaison librarian to create a guide to support a research assignment in a specific course. Find existing guides by going to the Research Guides section of the web site, and then following the links to your discipline to select a guide. Adding a guide to your Blackboard course works best if you have a specific guide title in mind to use, either one created by your librarian specifically for your course, or one of the generic guides to a subject.

Linking to a guide in Blackboard:

Link directly to a guide on the course menu or within a content area

Use this method when you wish to link directly and have the full URL for your desired research guide, either supplied by your librarian or found on our Research Guides pages.

  1. Make sure Edit Mode is set to "On."
  2. To add a link to a guide to the Course Menu, hit the plus sign, then select "Web Link."

    Add Web Link
  3. In the form that opens, type a name for your link, copy a URL from the Research Guide you want to use, paste it into the designated field, check the "Available to Users" box, and Submit.

    Enter link info and submit
  4. That's it!


The process is slightly different if you want to create the external link within a content area.  In that case, open a content area, and in the "Build Content" menu, select Web Link:

 Add web link

In the form that opens, type a name for your link, paste in the guide URL, add a description, select other options as desired, and Submit.