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Anti-Catholicism: Getting Started

Anti-Catholicism is a generic term for discrimination, hostility or prejudice directed against Catholicism, and especially against the Catholic Church, its clergy or its adherents. The term also applies to the religious persecution of Catholics.

The New Anti-Catholicism

Try to:

• Recognize the qualities of anti-Catholicism.

• Identify the reasoning behind these traits.

• Relate this to one's own experiences.

• Articulate a thoughtful response to these prejudices.


• What common themes do you see?  

• Why would opponents of Catholicism use these themes to criticize the faith?

• How do the anti-Catholic themes in the past compare with your perceptions of anti-Catholicism today?

Try these books:

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Anti-Catholicism Research Guide

This guide covers many of the most useful resources in theology and religion, with suggestions for finding backgrounds, books, and articles for your course work. Use the tabs above to explore the many resources available to you.

      Search Summon

      Summon searches many (but not all) library resources simultaneously, including CLICnet.

      For more focused searches, use databases by subject or Ask a Librarian.


      Visual Images

      Search under the term "anti-Catholicism".

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