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Social Security - Disability Law: Getting Started


This guide is designed to help you get started in researching social security - Disability law at the University of St. Thomas Schoenecker Law Library. Disability law is an interdisciplinary topic that will require you to search not only the usual legal resources but also materials from health, social services, employment discrimination, and other databases. This guide includes links to relevant print and online sources located in the Schoenecker Law Library or on databases accessible with your student account.

To get started, you may want to review Cornell's Legal Information Institute disability overview as well as its Social Security Library that links relevant laws, regulations, rulings, current awareness materials, and key Web sites.


Books from the Catalog

When beginning research on an unfamiliar topic, secondary resources can be helpful.  Secondary resources include encyclopedias, treatises, nutshells, and other similar materials that provide background information on a particular topic or issue.  They guide the researcher towards relevant case and statutory law.

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