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Constitutional Law: Getting Started

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United States Constitution

CLICsearch is the library catalog of six private colleges and universities in the Twin Cities, including Saint Thomas. Books from other campuses can be requested online and delivered to the UST library of your choice.

Searching the CLICnet catalog by the following subject keywords or subject headings will help you find relevant constitutional law materials:

  • Constitutional law.
  • Constitutional law -- United States.
  • Constitutional history.
  • Constitutional history -- United States.
  • Constitutional law -- United States -- States.
  • Constitutions.
  • Constitutional amendments.
  • Constitutional law -- United States -- Cases.
  • Constitutional history -- United States -- Sources.
  • Civil rights.
  • Human rights.
  • United States. Constitution.
  • United States. Constitution. 1st-10th Amendments.
  • United States Constitutional Law.
  • United States Constitutional Law Amendments.

Constitutional Law

This research guide offers a starting point for law students conducting constitutional law research.  It provides both primary and secondary resources, including print resources available at the University of St. Thomas Law School Library and electronic resources available on Westlaw, LexisNexis, HeinOnline, and the free Web.  The guide also describes how to find these resources and information on where they are located.

U.S. Constitutional Law Primary Sources

The United States Constitution is published at the start of all versions of the United States Code and in each state code.  The United States Code can be found in the following resources:

U.S. Constitution

Citing Constitutions

Bluebook legal citation, 18th edition

Constitutions are cited according to ALWD Rule 13 and Bluebook Rule 11.  Citations include an abbreviation for the constitution, the article number, and the section number.


ALWD    Bluebook
Minn. Const. art. I, §4. Minn. Const. art. I, §4.

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