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BLAW 710 Communication Law: Getting Started

This guide is for conducting research for BLAW 710 which includes industry reports, and business and legal articles relating to topics such as copyright and commercial free speech.


Because the topics for this class cover both business and legal issues, I created this guide to include sources from both disciplines.  If you are not as familiar with a discipline do not feel intimidated to delve into these resources.  And if you ever have questions please never hesitate to contact myself or another librarian

Table of Contents

  • Industry Reports & Articles - This tab contains databases with access to full text on industry reports, business journals and newspaper articles that highlight business news from North America and around the world.
  • Legal Articles - This tab contains databases with access to full text of legal articles, law reviews, laws and regulations for North America and abroad.
  • Evaulating and Citing - This guide contains information about how to cite business sources and using RefWorks.


    Business Librarians

Marianne Hageman (St. Paul)

Scott Odman (Mpls)

Andrea Koeppe (Mpls)

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Andrea Koeppe

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Andrea Koeppe
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